The Rasputin of Bloggers

Hi, blog.

Okay so don’t kill me but… I’m back? I’ve been on hiatus from about 80 different projects for the past several months (including this one) but, after a truly incredible summer and a surprisingly busy autumn, I’d like to re-invite myself back into the hearts of my readership. **new moon emoji**

Like, this isn’t a choice. I’m here, you’re reading this, you’re loving it, I’m loving it, we’re here (this time in a spiritual sense, not just an online sense), and it’s all good! You’re into it! And you don’t think it’s at all in poor taste that I’m comparing my blog to the rather-hard-to-vanquish mystical advisor to the Tsar of Russia! You’re charmed, I’m sure. Simply charmed.

Some updates!

  • I kid you not, in the past year I left AND RECEIVED a voicemail from Jill Abramson, former Executive Editor of the New York Times. She was super nice.
  • I have a new job! I know what you’re thinking — “But Ryan, you loved your job!” Which is true! I did, and I loved my coworkers, but sometimes you’ve got to try new things and see what else you can do and hope for the best. So far I’m reaaally enjoying work, and as a byproduct of still getting up to speed I’m teaching myself how to code! From now on, assume that everything you see on this site is home-coded by me. It isn’t, but just assume it for me.
  • I finished a manuscript! But then I ended up taking a break from querying to, you know, **live life**, and by the time I got back to it I had all these new ideas. So now I’m about 25k words deep into another revision, which will be ready to shop around soon!
  • After about 13 years of psychic torture, I finally–*finally!*–beat Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask on my Gameboy 3DS. Finally.
  • I’ve taken up embroidery, or something that might one day be embroidery. Here! Look! IMG_4920
  • I somehow bought myself a new computer, which felt fictitious in the sense that…don’t those cost money? I’m still waiting for Obama to take it from me.
  • I got (another!) tattoo! I called my mother to tell her about it right before I went into the shop and all things considered she reacted well. She also casually inquired if, along with the tattoo, I was planning on taking hard drugs. I told her no, I was getting a haircut after, which was the truth. Not sure if she bought it though.

What’s to come?

  • I’m getting a new theme for this site. This one is just so…functional. I want something flashy and completely non-navigable, like a Forever 21.
  • I’m also vamping up a new editorial calendar for 2016! It’ll include more reviews, WiP updates, and of course stories from my life.
  • Probably at least three more embroidery projects?
  • And not much else! I’m making a big push to focus on my current revisions, because getting back to the level I’d like to be at to query agents is the most important thing to me right now. I’m re-starting this blog because I liked writing it and miss it, but by no means do I intend to distract myself with it. So don’t blame me when I write this exact same post a year from now without any of the above promises.





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