Plotting new things in 2017

For a while I avoided considering writing another book because it seemed like an act of defeat. It felt this way because my first book was this big, messy thing that lived in pieces upon my desktop, and I hadn’t really sent it around to agents, and it wasn’t published. For that reason [read me!]

Things I Have Lied About: At Summer Camp

Something you should know about me is that from a very young age I decided that reality just wasn’t for me, and that I was going to spend about 100% of my time pretending I was anyone else. The result was that I was a horrible little liar fascinated with my ability to trick people, especially [read me!]

Writing Spaces

I’ve been listening to Sarah Enni‘s First Draft podcast non-stop since I discovered it via Twitter a few weeks ago. I tweeted at her to let her know. She tweeted back. It was great. Still waiting for her to reach out to interview me, but I know she’s busy and heaven knows [read me!]

What the hell is a Praline? An investigation

The other day I posted a status on Facebook that earnestly asked what a praline might be, because honestly I’ve never been able to figure it out passively, and by god I do NOT plan on googling that. What if it’s horrible? I hate googling horrible things. Anyways, I got varied responses [read me!]

On Being an Adult and Avoiding Quicksand

I know someone who is my own age, and who knows how to do taxes. This, to me, is nothing short of arcane magic. Something forbidden and locked away. A knowledge so base and powerful that even a vague understanding threatens to undo a carefully calculated peace in the universe. If you are a [read me!]
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