BOOK REVIEW: Captive Prince by C.S. Pacat

Coinciding with LGBT Month, I’ve decided to drum up a review of C.S. Pacat’s Captive Prince series, of which I’ve just finished the second volume of. If this reads as a sales pitch, then good. In many ways it is. These two books astounded me with their writing, their plotting, [read me!]

April is LGBT Month! #LGBTApril

Laura (of Laura Plus Books) and Cayce (of Fighting Dreamer) are doing this great thing called LGBT Month this April (#LGBTApril), and I’m participating! I mean, I guess I’m always participating, because every month  is LGBT Month for me, but it’s more fun to do these sort of [read me!]

The Importance of Gay Heroes That Don’t Die

There are many tropes. Busty, blonde damsels. Brittle, brunette mistresses. Feisty, red-headed warriors. Alternatively: White-Male-Hero-With-Somnolent-Eyes-Yet-Aerodynamic-Cheek-Bones vs. Anything. Or the ever-plotless vengeance against a villain with no real motivation for villainy save an [read me!]

Witchcraft Wears a Cable Knit Sweater

I am 23 years old, and I have seen the devastation of real witchcraft. I’ve seen it first hand. It happened at a bar known for it’s odd orientation towards tea, and homosexuality. It was Saturday night on the 15th of March. I know this, because it was my birthday. Also: this was all of [read me!]

Useless Magic

So a while ago I was brainstorming useless magic powers with a friend (this has since turned into a discussion topic between multiple friends of mine, a trend of which is as simultaneously enchanting as it is distressing). I thought I’d make a list of my favorites here, you know, because [read me!]

Book Review: Proxy by Alex London

Alex London’s Proxy is probably one of the coolest concepts I’ve encountered in a while. I feel like most dystopian societies resemble one another in their foundation of a oppressive system, but rarely am I as captivated by a dystopia as I was with Proxy. Reading this book was an act of [read me!]
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